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FSRUs – A Critical Link in the LNG Value Chain

FSRUs – A Critical Link in the LNG Value ChainAs the volume of LNG produced and consumed continues to expand at a rapid pace, floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs) unlock access to the global LNG market for new importing markets around the world - at a fraction of the cost and time required for the construction of an onshore LNG import terminal.

Höegh LNG is a fully Integrated LNG infrastructure company offering LNG transportation services, LNG regasification, terminal solutions and in-house ship management services. We are a clear leader in the sector with more FSRUs than any other company. Our strong emphasis on safety, technological development and operational excellence dates back more than 45 years when the LNG carrier Norman Lady was delivered in 1973.

Höegh LNG is a Bermuda incorporated company, headquartered in Norway with established presence in Singapore, UK, USA, Indonesia, Lithuania, Egypt, Colombia, Philippines and China. Höegh LNG Holdings Ltd. has established a Master Limited Partnership, Höegh LNG Partners LP, that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker "HMLP".

Floating LNG Import Terminals - FSRUs

FSRUs have established themselves as the preferred mode of access to the global LNG market, with multiple clear advantages over traditional onshore import terminals.

  • Less capital intensive (c. 1/2 of the installation cost)
  • Faster to install (down to 6 months vs. 4-5 years)
  • Flexibility (to relocate the FSRU or use it as an LNG Carrier)

In addition to the standard FSRU setup with pipeline to shore with regasified LNG, it can serve as a hub for LNG such as:

  • Small-scale distribution at sea - reloading LNG to smaller carriers serving other demand centres
  • Small-scale distribution onshore - reloading LNG on to trucks for onwards distribution by road
  • Bunkering - providing LNG as marine fuel, directly or by smaller shuttles
  • Connectivity to shore - adaptable to local conditions by jetty or other mooring solutions

Höegh LNG has ten modern FSRUs in its fleet and is uniquely positioned to provide customers with the crucial energy infrastructure necessary to access the readily available supply of LNG in the global marketplace.

  • We strive for the best achievable safety record and are firmly co mmitted to environmental sustainability
  • We have experience from being the only FSRU provider in many countries, including China
  • We have operational experience that has enabled cost optimisation and lower unitized regas costs (including combined and closed loop operations in cold water conditions)
  • We have in-house engineering expertise and are a leader in project structuring, finance and execution



Höegh LNG and its strongly committed personnel deliver reliable and cost effective regasification services across five continents.

We operate our assets to the highest technical standards and prioritise safety, cost efficiency and the environment. We actively seek to exceed international standards and local rules for health, safety, security and working environment (HSE).

Höegh LNG believes accidents can be prevented by:

  • Building a company culture which reinforces safety awareness among employees
  • Ensuring practical and well-considered risk management onboard and ashore
  • Learning through analysing accidents and near accidents
  • Continuous improvement of procedures and routines including skills of personnel and emergency preparedness

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