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     Our Business

    Höegh LNG has a leading position as owner and operator​ of floating storage and regasification units (FSRUs), and is one of the most experienced operators of LNG Carriers (LNGCs). The strategy is to focus solely on the FSRU market with the objective of securing long-term contracts with strong counterparts.

    Höegh LNG's FSRUs are the most modern and technically advanced LNG import solutions with technical features tailored to the requirements and benefits of our customers in terms of storage size, regasifictaion capacitty and fuel efficiency. 

    The mission is to develop, manage and operate the group's assets to t​he highest technical and commercial standards, thereby maximising benefits to its shareholders and other stakeholders. With a strong emphasis on technological development and operational excellence, H​öegh LNG is one of the LNG companies with the most versatile operational experience and technical ​​know-how, in addition to an impeccable safety record. The Group conducts its business based on its core values, which are innovative, competent, committed and reliable. ​

    Höegh LNG Holdings Ltd. is listed o​n Oslo stock exchange with the ticker "HLNG", and has established a Master Limited Partn​ership, Höeg​h LNG​ Partners LP, ​that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker "HMLP".

    Registered office is in Hamilton, Bermuda and the management office is in Oslo, Norway.

    Floating LNG Import Terminals


    Floating LNG Import Terminals

    Höegh LNG offers comprehensive solutions through its extensive development, project management and construction skills, and has successfully executed integrated projects for customers that include bothfloating storage and regasification units (FSRU) and infrastructure such as mooring systems, off-loading arms and export pipelines. 

    Höegh LNG's FSRUs are new assets, with the latest and most efficient technology, and capacities tailored to the requirements of its customers. However, an FSRU conversion is considered an alternative for projects with a near-term start-up date, owing to the shorter construction schedule.

    FSRUs are fitted with LNG regasification technology, allowing them to re-gasify and discharge natural gas under high pressure. The onboard re-gasification system enables the FSRUs to deliver natural gas directly to the end-user through either a grid or a dedicated pipeline. The majority of Höegh LNG's FSRUs furthermore have full trading capability, enabling them also to operate as standard LNG carriers. 

    Höegh LNG as your preferred partner

    Höegh LNG's business model is to have one open FSRU at any given time, reducing time to first gas for customers by offering early delivery.

    Höegh LNG's services are provided by a fully integrated organisation, providing all aspects of financing, construction and operations of its vessels. The customer base includes some of the most respected and successful energy companies in the world, for whom Höegh LNG operates the most modern FSRUs on the water.
    Benefits of choosing a floating storage and regasification unit
    The following highlights the advantages of a floating import terminal solution as opposed to an onshore solution:​

    • Ability to locate the terminal close to and serve an attractive market which would otherwise not be able to utilise natural gas
    • Half the time to construct       ​
    • Half the cost
    • Less risk of cost overruns, through constructing a significant portion of the terminal on fixed price and delivery time at a shipyard which is specialised on such construction
    • Less environmental impact
    • Flexibility to relocate the FSRU or use it as an LNGC​​​

    Contact Information

    ​Ragnar Wisløff
    Chief Development Officer​
    +47 97 55 74 61​

    This is how a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) ​works:​

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    LNG Carriers

    LNG Carriers

    Höegh LNG has more than 40 years of experience as a designer, owner and operator of LNG c arriers (LNGCs). Höegh LNG's fleet of LNGCs is constantly being inspected by technical inspectors, vetting coordinators and clients to ensure operational standards of the highest quality. 

    The Group’s two LNGCs were delivered in 2006 and are on a 20-year time charter agreement with Statoil and Total, respectively, transporting LNG from the Snøhvit liquefaction plant near Hammerfest in northern Norway.

    Extensive experience and a proven track record as an operator of LNGCs are important factors in the transition of Höegh LNG from a traditional LNG shipowner to its current position as one of the leading providers of FSRUs. 

    Contact Information

    ​Rune Karlsen
    Senior Vice President​
    Head of Commercial Operations
    +47 97 55 74 50